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Heyyyaaa~~ Welcome to MessyLines. a blog dedicated to sketches, art, pencil stuffs~ i'm not much of an artist... never completed one artwork..nevertheless i love drawing and sketching stuff~ so enjoy your visit~ comments are welcomed~ :D P.s : If u wanna post your work here just email me ok~ mr.amin83@gmail.com

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fisrt post! XD

Artworks i've done for LCP's 30 Day Challenge~


 Favorite game character (Ico and Yorda)

 I Wish to be a rockstar XD

 Items on my desk

 Favorite drink (bcos Oh!Great loves Boss)

 3 Expressions


 my Monitor~

My Favorite Villain >:D (Ninetails from Okami)

Original Character~

 Little Goku

 Pada Zaman Dahulu Fan art~ XD

Fav Animal

Game i recently played (Fishing Superstars - try it....very addictive)

Kak Ros and Opah (UI)

When I was a child~

UI's friends